Happy New Year To All!

On December 28, 2008, in General, by shushybye

Dear Shushy Fans,

Time once again (didn’t this year kind of speed by rather quickly?!) for the annual Shushybye year-end wrap-up report. And here with the annual wrap-up is Shushybye correspondent, our own Steve Syatt (that’s me):

Happy New Year!

For Shushybye, 2008 was the year we were delighted to unveil our 16” plush dolls, release two new books (Shushybye: Sleepover Surprise and Shushybye: Where Is Christmas), one new DVD (Shushybye Baby) and one new music CD (Shushybye Dream Band: Close Your Eyes) – all to critical acclaim and prestigious parenting media awards.

Most important of all, families throughout the world brought home the Shushybye dolls, music CD’s, books, sleepwear and DVD’s to enjoy – and our days have been made joyous by the tremendous amounts of loving emails and calls that came our way. (Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to contact us by phone, email and letter during the year).

Looking ahead to 2009, we will be premiering all-new episodes of Shushybye Baby on BabyFirstTV and embarking on a multi-city live Shushybye Dream Band tour (we’re working hard on it!). We are also excited to debut Shushybye: The Musical at the spectacular Geffen Playhouse in the spring. Our concert at the Geffen was tremendously memorable and I feel so privileged to be working with this outstanding team of professionals. We also will be producing a DVD of the Shushybye musical for release later in the year and a second live concert DVD. Also, resulting from popular demand, we will be publishing a Shushybye song book featuring the music, guitar/piano chords and lyrics to 40 original Shushybye songs. Michael North, the band and I have begun recording new Shushybye songs that will be featured in the upcoming Shushybye Baby episodes as well as be made available within future music CD releases.

There are also some pretty major Shushy developments in the works that I can hardly wait to share with you (stay tuned!).

We look forward to continuing to hear from you via phone (our toll-free number is 1-866-748-7492) or email (info@shushybye.com). Its always fun to respond and engage in dialogue with our wondrous fans!

From our family to yours, we wish you health, happiness, prosperity and peace for the New Year.

Shushybye & Goodnight!


6 Responses to Happy New Year To All!

  1. Gpl_Source says:

    Hello Steve. I’m Fernando Flores from Mexico, I have a son of 1 year and 4 months old and he really likes to hear you every night (all the days at the same time he is requesting for the tv remote control to hear the songs). Sorry for this but I’m very, very sad because I’m not able to get the Shushybye and Goodnight album for my child and I’m trying to find the way to get it; amazon can’t sell mp3’s to Mexico and this is sad too. He really enjoys the shushybye theme song and always he is waiting for the moment to hear the musical band (the current time for chapters here in Mexico is too short and songs never play complete). Could you please help me out with this? I really appreciate all your help to make true a dream for my child. Thank you so much for all the work that you do to give us baby entertainment.

  2. Steve's Blog says:

    Dear Fernando, Thank you for your comment. By the way, BabyFirstTV is working on a Shushybye Dream Band live concert tour to Mexico – so stay tuned! Please email me your telephone number (info@shushybye.com) and I will call you to arrange shipping the Shushybye & Goodnight CD to your home directly from The Shushybye Shoppe. Please say hello to your son for me!


  3. Marlana says:

    Hi Steve! Wow, you know your a Mom when you get excited that the SHUSHYBYE GUY just commented on your own blog… thanks for that!! It gave me a huge smile and made me feel WAY better.

    Even though I said in my blog I was frustrated about the day to day things sometimes, Shushybye Baby is our FAVORITE thing. Elijah flips out with it comes on. We’ll usually have Baby First TV on in the living room and in the bedroom while he’s getting ready for bed, and he runs back and forth to the TVs in such excitement when the intro to Shushybye is coming on. He loves the show, dances to the songs, smiles, and laughs with all the Shushybye characters. When the show is over, and everyone is saying “Shushybye and Goodnight,” now he waves goodnight to everyone in Shushybye.

    Your show has made our bedtime routine so much fun! Thank you for that!


  4. Steve's Blog says:

    Hi Marlana! Please know that I am the one who is so appreciative of your blog reference and thankful that Shushybye is playing such a positive part of your family experience.


  5. Steve's Blog says:

    Hi Xane,

    The program is called ProTools HD3 with 192 hardware interface. This is stuio-level equipment, although you will find HD in home studios. I recommend you check out ProTools LE, it gets you into industry standard digital recording software at a consumer price point. There are several hardware interfaces for LE at different price points, even under $1,000.


  6. Xane M. says:

    Thanks, Steve! I’m going to go searching for the best price now!

    Thanks, Steve!


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