Here It Is – Our Annual L.A.Holiday Concert Gala!

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Dear Dreamster Fans,

Mark it on your calendars!

The fun-filled annual Shushybye holiday extravaganza is coming to town Saturday December 4, 2010 for two wondrous concert performances (11am and 12:30PM) at the Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles (2055 So. Sepulveda).

Of course, the incredible Michael North (backed by all-new Dreamster back-up harmony singers) will be on hand, along with everyone’s favorite Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ…Plus, our audiences will be the very first to meet PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE!!

Once the Shushies get a bit older and decide they want to make dream-making their livlihood they become Dreamsters and make dreams at THE DREAMERY, which is very much like a movie studio (only its located high above the clouds in Nap Valley, Shushybye).

Michael, the Shushies and the Dreamsters will be performing your favorite Shushybye hits – plus all-new songs from THE DREAMERY.

But wait – there’s more! Santa has officially placed both our concerts on his very tight calendar – so he’ll be making a special dancing and singing appearance along with the Shushies and Dreamsters!

The Odyssey Theatre itself is intimate, giving children a chance to get up close with SNOOZLES, DOZIE, ZEEZ, PJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE – but it does mean that seating is limited…So get your family’s tickets right away!

Tickets are $15 dollars per person and available from Shushybye headquarters – we invite you to call toll-free 1-866-shushybye (1-866-748-7492) Monday-Friday 9-5 west coast time for your tickets. (Visa and Mastercard accepted).

We are all excited to see our wondrous fans for what is certain to be a memorable music and joy-filled holiday event for all.

Download Holiday Musical Event Poster

Shushybye & Goodnight!


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3 Responses to Here It Is – Our Annual L.A.Holiday Concert Gala!

  1. Nell says:

    I wish I still lived in West LA so I could go to your holiday concert gala! Maybe we’ll move back to LA some day! I’m sure some of my old friends from that area will be attending. Hope you all have a blast!

  2. Jen says:

    Any chance your show/tour might come to Seattle, WA? I’d love to bring my little one to see you live.

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