Holiday Magic at the Geffen

On October 31, 2009, in General, by shushybye

Dear Shushy Fans,
We’re rehearsing for our upcoming holiday concert event at the beautiful Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, California (by the campus of UCLA). In addition to performing a number of our Shushybye Dream Band ‘hits,’ we are all excited about debuting three new Shushy songs including “Wake Up Zeez” (a ‘Cars’-inspired rock song),“The Dream Coach Song” and a real rocker entitled “Dream On” (not the Aerosmith song, but a fast and fun rocker nonetheless – I love playing that one on my guitar!).

With ‘Wake Up Zeez,’ Shushies SNOOZLES and DOZIE will be asking the children in the audience for their help to wake Zeez up to start the show (parents: bring ear muffs!). The Shushybye King will be joining our awesome Shushybye Dream Band vocalist Michael North to sing “The Dream Coach Song – and transport the entire audience to Shushybye via the King’s Dream Coach (you can see Frank Caruso’s illustrations of the King’s Dream Coach in our first storybook, “Shushybye: Close Your Eyes”). Of course, we’ll need you to use your imagination for this to actually work – so please make sure you bring it with you…

Conductor McCloud will also be joining SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ for some interactive fun with the audience’s children (making Dream Wishes for the Shushies leading into “You Gotta Send Your Dream Wish”).

I am also pleased to report that Santa is taking time out of his incredibly busy schedule to join all the Shushies and the Shushybye Dream Band on stage for “The Shushybye Christmas Song,” a pop rocker with a cool message.

Tickets for the Shushybye Geffen Playhouse Holiday Extravaganza are available from Ticketmaster (man, I love saying that!!!) by clicking on:

Or you may purchase your family’s tickets from the Geffen Playhouse box office (I don’t mind saying that either!) by calling (310) 208-5454.

My sincere thanks to our incredibly talented cast, brilliant choreographer, Michael and the wondrous Shushybye Dream Band musicians and our director, technicians and management team from the Geffen.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday December 5 at the Geffen Playhouse – the magic begins at 11am!! (And don’t forget the event is also a pj party!).

Shushybye and Goodnight,



2 Responses to Holiday Magic at the Geffen

  1. Natalie says:

    Wow…how exciting! We live in Arkansas, so I'm not sure if we can make it to "Holiday Magic at the Geffen", but we're going to try 😉

    Best wishes,
    Natalie & Trent

  2. Steve's Blog says:

    Dear Natalie and Trent, if you can possibly join us in L.A. for the concert, please email me at – I would love to mark the occasion with a gift if you'll let me!



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