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Dear Shushy Fans,

Lots to talk about…

TOUR TALK: As you may have seen via our Website (http://www.shushybye.com/), the Shushybye Dream Band goes on tour beginning this fall as Waterlicious (http://www.waterlicious.com/) presents the full version of the Shushybye Dream Band in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We’ll shortly be announcing the schedule dates & times and opening up advance ticket sales. We’re so excited to be meeting many of our Shushy families in the Northeast as well as Southern California and Nevada. In 2010, the Waterlicious-Shushybye Dream Band tour will add several more cities and we look forward to providing you with the itinerary soon. While in Washington DC, our awesome lead singer Michael North and the band (along with SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ) will pay a visit to our national radio home, Sirius/XM satellite radio’s all-new KIDS PLACE LIVE, for a fun-filled performance on the channel’s popular RUMPUS ROOM hosted by Kids Place Live’s ultra-talented morning personality (and official Shushybye storyteller) Kenny Curtis.

Plus…all of us at Shushybye are thrilled to return this December to the Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, Calif. for what is becoming a holiday tradition – the Shushybye Dream Band Christmas Concert! Santa emailed us to say he’ll definately be back on stage with us!

On Saturday July 18, the Michael North, SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ will be heading for London as the Shushybye Dream Band headlines the annual Sky-TV “SkyFest.” Sky-Tv has been incredibly kind to allow us to invite UK-based Shushy families to join us at his gala event for free as our guests – but reservations are extremely limited. If you would like to have your family join us for the Shushybye Dream Band London SkyFest event, please email us at info@shushybye.com, and provide us with your name, how many people in your party and a phone number for us to call. Again, resevravtions are limited – so email us as soon as you can so we can definately include your family. And thank you, UK – for your outpouring of love and support and for watching BabyFirst!!

…And our September concerts at the historic Madrid Theatre in Canoga Park, Calif. are fillin’ up fast – so to all So Cal fans – be sure to get your family’s tickets!!! Acclaimed lead singer Michael North will be backed by the 5-piece Shushybye Dream Band – and joined on-stage by the fun-filled Shushy characters SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ – and each concert is one huge pajama party!

Here’s the Madrid Theater concert schedule:

Friday September 25 – 7:00PM
Saturday September 26 – 3:00PM and 7:00PM
Sunday September 27 – 1:00PM and 5:00PM

All tickets are $15 dollars and can be purchased from the Madrid Theatre box office at (818) 347-9938 or online at www.culturela.org/madridtheatre

BLOG TALK: A number of moms are blogging about Shushybye – and we are so honored by their warm recognition! In addition to saying such wondrous things about the Shushybye songs, books, DVD’s, TV shows, dolls and sleepwear, the moms have zeroed in on the exact mission of Shushybye with pin-point accuracy: Shushybye is sleep-themed entertainment designed to encourage children – during the day – to look forward to bedtime. Our up tempo rock, jazz, R&B and Latin-style songs are to be enjoyed by children in the afternoon or early evening, so that nighty-night time becomes an event! Shushybye believes that the actual bedtime itself is a precious time – a loving ritual reserved solely for parent and child.

TWITTER TALK: I like to ‘twitter’ often – and encourage you to sign up to ‘follow’ my twitterings. Visit http://www.twitter.com/ and you can find me @shushybyeguy. Plus, if you haven’t already, I invite you to email us to receive your free Shushy-Gram e-newsletter. The first one went out last month and the second one will soon be on its way. To get your free Shushy-Gram, simply email us at info@shushybye.com.

MUSICAL TALK: In addition to the Shushybye Dream Band live music tour, I am excited to share that we have begun production on Shushybye: The Musical that will make its premiere next spring at the wondrous Geffen Playhouse in Westwood, California. Based on our first storybook/ReadAlong and Sing Along audio CD Shushybye: Close Your Eyes, the musical features several songs I’ve written exclusively for this show. While the Geffen will be the L.A. home for the musical, we look forward to touring the show as well!

SHOP TALK: Every day Shushy fans from the U.S. and from countries around the world ask where they can purchase the award-winning Shushybye plush dolls, music CD’s, sleepwear, books and DVD’s. Here’s the current info (hope it helps!!): Our trio of bedtime storybook/CD’s (Shushybye: Close Your Eyes, Shushybye: Sleepover Surprise and Shushybye: Where Is Christmas?; our debut music CD “Shushybye & Goodnight”; and DVD’s “Shushybye Dream Band Live On Tour and Shushybye Baby can be purchased through a number of top e-tailers, including Amazon.com, WalMart.com, Target.com and Barnes & Noble.com and Borders.com, to mention a few. Our DVD “Shushybye Baby” is available in-store via such retailers as Target, Barnes and Noble and Borders.

For the present, the beloved Shushybye plush dolls and blockbuster second music CD The Shushybye Dream Band: Close Your Eyes can only be purchased via the Shushybye Website’s very own “Shushybye Shoppe.” The highly popular (and incredibly adorable) official Shushybye sleepwear is also available only through the Shushybye Shoppe. Plus, for our wondrous fans throughout the world, I’m pleased to share that we ship everywhere!

The Shushybye Shoppe will also be the exclusive source for our next music CD, when we will soon release a deluxe version of the debut Shushybye Dream Band CD Shushybye & Goodnight. This special version of our hit debut music CD will feature never-before-released original Shushybye songs including “Shushybye Sharing, Snoozles Won’t You Dance with Me, Here Comes the Shushybye Train plus two all-new songs that will soon make their premiere on our global TV show Shushybye Baby.

ROCK TALK: Thanks to our marvelous maestro of mixing Michael North, 17 new original Shushybye songs are all mixed, mastered and ready for production into the all-new episodes of SHUSHYBYE BABY for BabyFirstTV. I can hardly wait for Shushy families to hear them – especially a real rocker called “Dream On” (quite different from the classic rocker with the same song title from Aerosmith!)…”The Dream Coach Song,” “You’re Sure Lookin’ Ready (To Go To Sleep)” and “Wake Up Zeez!” – along with all of the others. The new SHUSHYBYE BABY shows are scheduled to make their TV debut this fall.

Shushybye & Goodnight!



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  1. Carmelita says:

    Hi my little girl is 8 months old and she loves the shushybye baby show.will the shushy be comeing to flordia.

  2. Steve's Blog says:

    Dear Carmelita,

    Thank you for your comment! We will definately be performing in Florida in 2010 – and we just may be your baby girl's very first rock concert!


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