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Dear Shushy Fans,

Meet PJ, STARDUST and SNORE, three dream-making Shushies who are also very best friends. I am excited to share that you and your families will soon be seeing them in all-new Shushybye TV shows, DVD’s, live appearances (and even a feature motion picture!).

PJ is very cool. In the mornings he’s the radio personality on MOON-FM (the rock station in Shushybye) where he’s known as ‘PJ THE DJ.’ After his morning drive shift, PJ heads over to The Dreamery (the huge Nap Valley-based factory where dreams are made) to join his dream team Stardust and Snore.

For those of you who grew up in the 1960’s, you might just recognize Stardust…A hippie girl Shushy who wears paisley shirts and bellbottoms, Stardust likes to hand out flowers to everyone. She is sweet and caring – and makes the most creative dreams imaginable.

Then there’s Snore. We at Shushybye have a strong suspicion that preschoolers and early grade children will like Snore a lot. He’s kind of like our family’s golden retriever Oscar – everyone Snore meets is instantly his best friend, and he’s ready to have fun anytime, anywhere and for any reason. He also makes a ‘snore’ sound every time he speaks. It’s kind of endearing.

PJ, Stardust and Snore also enjoy Shushybye School, along with their classmates WEARY, DROWSY and BUSHED; CHIPPER and CRANKY; and MOONBEAM, NIGHTLIGHT and BIG MATTRESS (I’ll fill you in on these Shushies later). Oh, and I also don’t want to forget to mention MISS EVE and PRINCIPAL NIGHT who run Shushybye School and CAPTAIN JOHN YAWN who captains the mighty Shushybye Dream Ship (I recently completed writing a theme song for Captain Yawn I can hardly wait for you to hear).

Lots of cool things going on in Shushybye – stay tuned!

Shushybye and Goodnight!



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