Shushy Dolls On Their Way!

On January 21, 2011, in General, by shushybye

Dear Shushy Fans and Honorary Dreamsters,

I am pleased to share that the Shushybye plush dolls are on their way – and will be ready for delivery by the end of February! These are the original 16″ plush dolls of SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ that have been brought home by thousands of families throughout the world.  We have begun accepting your emails to place on our Shushy Doll reservation List – and the list itself is growing daily!  Only a limited quantity will be available – so we (humbly) urge you to email us at to place your family’s name on the reservation list before (once again!) all the doll sets are spoken for!

In other Shushy news…

On Valentine’s day (Monday, February 14) we will be premiering content from our all-new upcoming half-hour television series THE DREAMSTERS on our Shushybye Facebook page.  We will have several links to (incredible) music videos featuring Michael North and The Dreamsters (PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE) along with vignettes starring the Dreamsters and CAPTAIN JOHN YAWN.  THE DREAMSTERS is created especially for preschoolers-1st graders, and its entire thrust is to help inspire and empower children to develop their imaginations and creativity skills – as well as inspiring a love for the arts (music, art, books, dance, painting and sculpture – the whole shebang!).  The Dreamsters make dreams for children in a big movie studio lot located in Nap Valley, Shushybye called THE DREAMERY which is :where creativity rules!’.  On Valentine’s Day, we are excited to take you and your family to THE DREAMERY for a visit.  The links will be up for the who day.

Lots of folks have been asking me what it was like to watch as awesome recording artists STEVE LAWRENCE, DAVY JONES (of The Monkees) and RON DANTE (of The Archies) recorded my Shushy songs.   We conducted the recording session with all three artists in a state-of-the-art stunning recording studio in Las Vegas (called Odds On Recording).  All I can say is..I am still on a cloud (Shushybye cloud) from this session.  The artists were incredible, and watching them perform their respective Shushy songs through the glass looking into the studio was unbelievable.  Davy Jones sings a new Dreamery song called ‘There’s A Star’; Ron Dante sings another new Dreamery song called ‘MOON-FM’; and Steve Lawrence swings with his rendition of ‘Beyond the Stars and Past the Moon.’  And, yes – video of these sessions will also be up and available for view on February 14!

Still to come…Tommy James (Tommy James and the Shondelles) singing ‘Feels Like Magic’ which he’ll be recording in the next week. And, of course, our theme song for THE DREAMSTERS is performed by rockabilly genius Brian Setzer.  Cool!

As a (major) radio fan, I am very excited to share that legendary rock radio personality CHARLIE TUNA appears as MOON-FM rock jock CHARLIE LUNA.  PJ THE DJ’s shift is in morning drive, while Charlie takes afternoon drive.    Charlie’s has one of the most distinguished voices in radio – and to add his brllliance to MOON-FM is nothing short of awesome!

Shushybye and Goodnight and Dream On!



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  1. valerie york says:

    i myself have been taking care of 2 beautiful children due the mother has been away Alex she is 2 and caleb he wil be 3 in aug i have had them for 2 years now and we really enjoywatching you at bedtime.

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