Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition

On July 12, 2009, in General, by shushybye

Dear Shushy Fans,

I am excited to announce the availability – beginning August 1 – of our newest Shushybye Dream Band music CD, “Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition.” This CD was produced in response to the huge global requests for original Shushybye songs that appear on our TV shows and DVD’s, but were not as of yet part of our music CD’s.

Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition presents 16 tracks – including four Shushy favorites never before released as well as 12 Shushybye hits.

For the first time ever on CD, Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition features the much-beloved (and much-requested) Shushybye songs Shushybye Sharin’, Here Comes the Shushybye Train, In A Land we Call Shushybye and How I Love To Play (With My Shushybye Toys) – added to the tracks that appear on the original “Shushybye and Goodnight CD” – The Shushybye Theme Song (“Oh My My Shushybye”), The Shushybye Dream Song, On Our Way (To Shushybye), Now’s the Time (To Go Shushybye), A Night Time Prayer, A Shushybye Lullaby, Snoozles Won’t You Come Out To Play, We Love the Shushies, The Dream Wish Song, Do the Shushy Dance, Snoozles In My Room and the title track, Shushybye and Goodnight.

For the present, Shushybye and Goodnight: The Deluxe Edition will only be offered expressly for Shushy fans through the Shushybye Shoppe, located on the Shushybye website ( The Shushybye Shoppe price for the music CD is only $8.99!

Call 1-866-Shushybye (1-866-748-7492) for your copy! (Or we invite you to email us at along with your day time telephone number and we will call you for your order).

Two of my own personal favorite songs are the Beatlesque How I Love To Play (With My Shushybye Toys) and the lullaby In A Land We Call Shushybye – I can hardly wait for Shushy families everywhere to be able to enjoy these songs on music CD!

Shushybye and Goodnight!



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