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Welcome to the wondrous world of THE DREAMERY! Located high in the clouds, it is here at the Dreamery where Dreamsters make dreams for preschoolers everywhere! The Dreamery resembles a movie studio with lots of soundstages and departments for Dream-Designing, Props, Wardrobe and Hair & Make Up. My own personal favorite is (of course) the Music Department, where songs are written and recorded as the soundtrack for children’s dreams. Many of the songs are performed by Michael North and The Dreamsters Band, while others are recorded by such popular Dreamery artists as Doo-Wop group The Sleeptones, big band jazz singer and dancer Fred Asleep and blues artist Bay B. King.

We’re excited to share that many of the celebrated recording artists also perform Dreamery songs – such as awesome rock ‘n roller Brian Setzer who delivers rousing lead vocals on The Dreamery Theme Song (and lays down some of the most incredible rhythm and lead guitar you’ve ever heard!!). Co-written by Dreamery creator Steve Syatt and Brian Setzer, The Dreamery Theme Song will make its debut very shortly on the Shushybye Facebook Page (we invite you to check the page out!).

Three of The Dreamery’s star dream-making Dreamsters are PJ THE DJ, STARBRIGHT and SNORE (pictured above). When the Dreamsters are done producing their dreams (based on Dream Wishes from children), the Dream Reels are loaded up onto the mighty Dream Ship commanded by Captain John Yawn. A large Dreamster with a flowing red beard, Captain Yawn loves to sing his very own theme song as he travels the stars to bring dreams to sleeping children. (We’ll be debuting the theme song on our Shushybye Facebook page soon!).

Before he begins his dream-making shift at The Dreamery, PJ THE DJ is morning on-air personality for radio station MOON-FM (which is the Dreamsters’ favorite radio station). PJ spins all the top hits, and even has in-studio celebrity guests, such as Captain John Yawn and Wendy Winks who, along with her large family (the 40 Winks) run the Dreamery Library. Then there’s STARBRIGHT, a sweet and caring Dreamster who enjoys handing out flowers to everyone she meets. She also says ‘groovy’ alot. We’re also pleased to introduce you to SNORE, the deeply intellectual, hip bongo-playing Dreamster who always speaks in beat poetry, accentuates his comments with taps on his ever-present bongos – and calls everyone “Daddy-O.

The Dreamsters will be starring in an all-new globally-televised TV show that will be having sneak previews later this year on Comcast Video On Demand, as well as lots of exclusive bring -’em-home DVD’s – from live concerts featuring Michael North and The Dreamsters Band to a collection of educational DVD releases entitled ‘Dreamery School.’ There will even be Dreamster fitness DVD’s for preschoolers featuring America’s Personal Trainer, the one and only Tony Little!!

Music plays a huge role in The Dreamery – and we’re especially excited to be touring Michael North and the Dreamster Band throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

So, as all the Dreamsters say at The Dreamery…DREAM ON!


5 Responses to Welcome to THE DREAMERY!

  1. Cara says:

    Don't forget to make dolls for the new characters! Lookin' forward to THE DREAMERY!

  2. Steve's Blog says:

    16" plush dolls are on their way! Thank you so much for asking – and for your kind comment! Best, Steve

  3. Judy says:

    Childhood should be filled with the Shushybyes and the Dreamery to counteract this fast paced and stressful world. The concept provides lots of fun, friends, hopes and dreams. The amazing music and videos provide great teachable moments, social skillbuilding, role modeling and proper ethics/morals. What could be better? Thank you for doing the “right thing” by our children.

  4. shushybye says:

    The Shushies SNOOZLES, DOZIE and ZEEZ continue to star on SHUSHYBYE BABY airing exclusively on BabyFirstTV! Best, Steve

  5. Gilbert says:



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