The Dreamsters

Now Airing Regularly As Part of Shushybye Baby on BabyFirst!

One of the most popular bands in Shushybye, The Dreamsters are comprised of PJ THE DJ (who plays guitar and is also the morning personality on Shushybye’s #1 radio station MOON-FM), STARBRIGHT, a groovy flower child who plays keyboards for the band and SNORE, a very poetic Shushy who handles percussion (i.e. bongos) for The Dreamsters. There are lots of other musical acts in Shushybye besides The Shushybye Dream Band and The Dreamsters…musical performers such as blues singer Beddie Bye King, song and dance Shushy Fred Asleep, the famed Doo Wop group The Sleeptones and Shushybye’s Beatles Tribute band The Bedbugs. These and other Shushybye artists perform regularly at the evening Pillow Park dances held each night at Pillow Park after the Shushies are done making dreams for the day. Of course, the Shushies dig the sounds of all Shushybye’s awesome musical acts on MOON-FM.

The musical star dream-making Dreamsters are PJ the DJ, Starbright and Snore (pictured above).

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