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We’ve created a variety of FREE items for you and your family to enjoy or while entertaining your children’s friends at a SHUSHYBYE Boogie. Click on glowing items to find free stuff and games! More fun coming soon! Until then, learn more about SHUSHYBYE and THE DREAMERY landscape and cool expressions the Shushies and Dreamsters use.

Famous sites to visit when in SHUSHYBYE and THE DREAMERY!

DREAMERY SCHOOL: Miss Eve is the Dreamery School teacher who presides over her class with care and dedication. She also possesses a magic Dream Wand that can transport her class anywhere – to the Dreamery Main Library, to the Dreamery Zoo or to any of the villages in Shushybye. The main objective of the Dreamery School is to teach young Shushies how to make dreams – however in order to make the best dreams possible, it is first important to discover the world – and the people – around them; to understand the importance of friendliness, sharing and teamwork. And to learn that cooperation leads to wondrous (a Shushybye expression) opportunities for discovery, creativity and growth. Shushy students include P-Low, Night Light, Chipper and Cranky, Weary, Drowsy and Bushed. Weary, Drowsy and Bushed are Shushybye School’s star Sleepball players, while Chipper and Cranky are twin brothers who are polar opposites. P-Low started out a bit shy, but the entire class soon learns that he’s quite an awesome singer. Fun-loving and always kind, Nightlight is one of the most popular kids in the class.

DREAMERY MAIN LIBRARY: Here is where Dreamsters from THE DREAMERY and Shushies from throughout Shushybye travel to borrow all kinds of books. Head librarian Wanda Winks – together with her large family (there are 40 Winks in all) love to share the wonder of books with Shushy children when they visit. Shushies love books (they trade books instead of using money to get the things they want because books help build imaginations – and the better the imagination, the better dreams you can make). Books are so important that the most revered Shushies of all are authors. Perhaps the most renowned author in all Shushybye is Ernest Rockabye, responsible for such best-sellers as A Tale of Two Shushies and Meet Me in Slumber Heights. Rockabye’s newest book – I am Shushy Hear Me Snore – is climbing up the bestseller list of The Daily Doze (if it’s happening anywhere in Shushybye, its news to the Daily Doze).

PILLOW PARK: After a day of dream-making, the Dreamsters head to Pillow Park each early evening, where they dance to the music of Shushybye’s biggest bands from the Bedboard charts!

THE DREAMERY DREAM SHIP: Captain John Yawn captains the mighty Dreamery Dream Ship to deliver Dream Boxes to children as they fall asleep. On board the Dream Ship are the Captain’s loyal crew as they steer their way across the stars.

MOON-FM: The Shushies wake up each morning to PJ the DJ who spins all the hits on MOON-FM, a playlist that includes The Shushybye Dream Band, The Sleeptones (1950’s-style Doo Wop), The Bed Bugs (featuring Paul McCotney), Sleepy King (Blues) and Fred Asleep (Swing Jazz). As PJ plays the hits, Sky Blue soars above in her Shushy Copter to deliver traffic updates on the Skyways for Shushy Cloudmobile commuters. MOON-FM is located on the Dreamery lot.

SHUSHYBYE HOSPITAL: Starbright volunteers her time at the Shushybye Hospital as a Candystriper – and Shushies are very happy to visit the hospital when something ails them.

NAP VALLEY, SNORE SHORE, SLUMBER HEIGHTS and YAWN ISLAND: The biggest Villages in Shushybye – and each village offers its own unique culture where fun and adventure become opportunities for diversity awareness and appreciation (The Dreamery is located in Nap Valley).

HOUSE OF SNOOZE: One of the more popular hangouts for Shushies is The House of Snooze, a combination restaurant and performance destination. A regular performer is Sleepy King, Shushybye’s favorite blues singer famous for his hit song ‘The Shushybye Blues’.

And when visiting Shushybye and The Dreamery, we recommend you become familiar with FAVORITE SHUSHYBYE AND DREAMERY EXPRESSIONS!

Here are just a few:

WONDROUS: The Shushies are quite expressive (as most creative beings are). Their favorite expression is ‘wondrous,’ (which refers to almost anything a Shushy likes).

DREAM ON!: The Dreamsters favorite salutation is ‘Dream On!’ which they employ when saying goodbye to one another.

SHUSHYBYE BOOGIE: A ‘Shushybye Boogie’ refers to an impromptu party a Shushy may throw for friends. (The Shushybye Boogie song is a favorite among Shushies).

DREAM’S AWAY!: You’ll hear this expression shouted out a lot at the Dreamery loading dock and when Captain John Yawn sets sail aboard his Dream Ship to deliver Dream Boxes to sleeping children.

DADDY-O: This is what Snore calls just about everyone, whether he’s known them for years or just meets them for the first time.

GROOVY!: And this is the one word which Starbright utilizes to describe practically every situation or development she likes, which is practically every situation and development she sees!

NEW BOOK IN!: Wanda Winks will shout this out with excitement to the staff (the 40 Winks) at the Dreamery Main Library with the arrival of each new book release (treated like a holiday at the library).

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